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I have been "Obsessed" as my wife would say, with the outdoors since I was

old enough to open the back door on my own. I grew up in Fenton Missouri,

which is where I still reside. As a youngster I would hunt squirrel and rabbits with

whatever weapon I could get my hands on. Wandering around the local woods

blasting anything that would sit still for a second. Going out to my Grandfathers

and Uncle's property was well anticipated knowing that the game was abundant

and the fishing was good giving me something to run back and show off to my


As I grew, my passion for hunting and fishing grew as well. Bow, rifle, turkey

and small game hunting was a "necessity" for me to keep my sanity in this fast

paced world. When not guiding I own a masonry company laying brick, stone,

block and tuckpointing to make my living.

Bow hunting became more interesting to me as I got older enjoying the

challenges of getting close to my quarry. I also love getting a large Tom to  throw

all caution to the wind and come strutting in close enough to see him blink. But

waterfowling was not introduced to me until late in my life. At the age of 25 a

close friend of mine finally talked me into going duck hunting for the first time.

What a mistake, I was hooked instantly!! Setting decoys, building a hide, then

watching the horizon fill with rising fowl made me wonder how I haven't been

doing this my whole life. Needless to say, all other hunting and sometimes work

came second to duck and goose hunting after that day. The diversity of

water fowling and calling kept me interested ever since.

Anyway, after making lots of rookie mistakes and learning as much as

possible from seasoned veterans I have learned allot about waterfowl hunting.

Then it happened, another close hunting buddy invites me on a guided spring

snow goose hunt. Big, Big Mistake!  I was baffled as I looked around and saw

the 1200 decoys surrounding us, not to mention the sound of an e-caller barking

in your ear, I thought to myself, this is intense! Then the birds pick up off of the

roost making the horizon turn black. This reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock

movie "The Birds". We had a little below average shoot that day but we had a

great time with close friends and family. I ended up booking two more guided

hunts that spring and started studying and asking questions on how to become

professional guide. I knew this was my calling and wanted to pursue my dream. I

took a risk and ordered 1,320 White Rock Decoys, 8 blinds, 2 e-callers, rotary

machine, flyers etc. This was early November. The order came in and after

seeing how much space these babies took up I bought a trailer to store them in.

      Looking for land to hunt on, my cousin talked to a family member with a large

farm in the Missouri Boot Heel. He gave me permission to run hunts there in the

spring. I started securing more land around the Grand Pass area and so on.

Before that Falls Duck season came to a close we went on one last duck/goose

hunt at Otter Slough CA. Waiting to draw in I noticed that one of the snow goose

guides that I hired was there as well. I walked over to him and said hi, we talked

for ten or fifteen minutes about hunting and he said he would call me in a day or

two to see how we did. I didn't have a clue that he was going to ask me if I was

interested in running a spread for him that spring. I accepted the offer and got to

learn how a professional guide operates and lots of tricks and techniques were

learned helping decoy those wary birds into the clients sights. Running a spread

for him and my own hunts has taken me to where I am now the proud owner of

Wing and Water Outfitters.

I will do everything I can to make sure you have a fun and successful day

hunting. I have met some amazing people and some very good like minded

friends doing it. I thank the Lord for letting me turn a passion into a business and

not loosing my personal enjoyment. Every day in the field is a Blessing and I

hope a can share a day or two with you and your friends and family.
                                                  Bill Plesons

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Bill PlesonsBill PlesonsBill Plesons
Bill PlesonsBill Plesons
Bill Plesons
Bill PlesonsBill Plesons
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Snow Geese Fear Wing and Water Outfitters!